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Mike Thurston's Testimonials

This page is only a small segment of the highlight reel that is Mike's client testimonials. Over the past three years Mike has worked with hundreds of clients, both online and in person, and gained thousands of hours worth of experience in the field.



In July 2013 my first client signed up to 1 on 1 personal training. Since then I have coached hundreds of individuals, of all ages, both genders, from all around the globe. I have the combined experience of online coaching and 1 on 1 coaching in person. During my time at Aurora Athletic in 2013-2016 I have over two thousand hours worth of experience of working with individuals on a face to face basis. Here are just a few of the many that I've worked with over the years.


Roberto Lobo, Costa Rica

"After searching on Instagram and Facebook I contacted Mike by email, and he explained to me every single detail of the programme and how I could get the goals I had in mind. The reason I chose him over another 20 online trainers is because he is real, not just the face of a company or a computer program. The programme allows me to discuss with him via Skype and Whatsapp my specific needs in training and nutrition.

With his guidance and motivation, I have improved my exercise techniques and eating habits and I’ve never felt better about my health and welling. This summer travelled all the way from Costa Rica to train with him in Newcastle, UK, to improve my technique and execution. Simply an amazing experience!"

Roberto continues to work with me to this day, almost a year on from when we initially got in touch. It was a pleasure to have him train with me, I'm sure it was definitely worth the investment of his time and money. Twice a day, over a three day period I pushed him through some of the routines we had on the programme, and fine-tuned his exercise technique and execution. 

Lee Westwood (Pro Golfer), UK

"I was recommended Michael through a mutual friend because I’m always looking for ways to improve my strength and body for my golf. He was really easy to work with, friendly and inspiring and mixed the sessions up well. The programme we drew up involved a lot of weight training and HIT which allowed me to slow everything down and be more controlled and deliberate in my movements. I enjoyed working with Michael a lot and would recommend him to anyone."

As Lee's profession requires him to play all around the world it is difficult to keep up the consistency of his training, and having any kind of meal prep system in place was simply out of the question. Guidance was given nevertheless on the nutrition aspect whilst he was on the move, along with a training regime when he had access to a gym. Lee is really down to earth guy who was great fun to train. Every session he pushed himself and never complained when I asked him to push through some of the most challenging of routines. 

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Carla Magee, USA

"Throughout my life I have always been into some sort of fitness regimen but had never received the results I wanted until I found Mike on Instagram. I was always skeptical of online training, how can it work if not one on one at the gym?

Concerns aside, I gave it a chance and was pleasantly surprised because yes, it most definitely does works!!! Mike made it so easy for me to follow the workout routine and meal plan. He's been very supportive throughout the whole process. He has been there to talk me through some difficult times when I wanted to give up because I'm the type that wants instant results , in addition to helping me get my cravings under control. 

I have seen my body transform throughout the 12 week process in ways that I had never experienced in all the time I had worked out prior to working with Mike. Over the weeks he has provided me with a number of different training programs which have targeted my weak muscle groups and has helped me to achieve my goals."

Joe Patterson, UK

Joe approached me over the summer enquiring about my coaching services. He wasn't a complete newbie, he's already a certified personal trainer with a steady client base. He had entered himself into a competition in October 2016 and was searching for someone who had experience in competing, could keep him on track, kick him up the arse when needed, put a structured nutrition programme in place and to help build upon his weak points.

The progress he has made both physically and mentally over the past 12 weeks has been really impressive. He's one of those guys who doesn't complain, he just gets on with it and understands what needs to be done. Competing is not for everyone and it's certainly no easy process, especially when your social life takes a big hit. 

I'm sure the experience he has gained was worthwhile and will set a good foundation for himself being a comp prep coach one day. Joe has an extremely bright future ahead of him! 

Heather Slowey, UK

"I was recommended to Mike Thurston 2 1/2 years by a mutual friend. Initially I could only agree to a 6 week programme & quickly realised that Mike was approachable, extremely knowledgable, really focussed on technique, and always available with advice, guidance and words of encouragement.

Following a 10 week absence after an operation, I picked up where I left off & thoroughly enjoy my twice weekly sessions at his studio in Newcastle. Each session was different, PBs smashed week after week, and just when you think you cannot take any more, he pushes you to the limit and beyond.

At times, I didn'tfeel like exercising, but can honestly say I always come away feeling much better for going. I would highly recommend him as a personal trainer."


Geert Vanoverschelde, Belgium

Geert spent a week training with myself last summer, twice per day, to learn more and progress with his own training and nutritional knowledge. 
A year later he came back for more! Four demanding sessions over three days. What made me even more impressed was that he set off at 3am from Brussels on Wednesday morning, arrived in Newcastle at 3pm after 12 hours of driving, got himself changed, then let me take him through a brutal 90 minute chest and back routine! 

Adriana Del Risco Hurst, USA

“I had been following Mike’s page on Facebook since he was on the cover of Taint. Then I heard about the training and decided it was something I wanted to do. I want to say it has changed my life. The programme is intuitive and easy to follow. I feel healthier and more mobile. I tried weight watchers and had some success, but not to this extent.”

Adriana signed up to the online coaching programme in November 2014. After almost 5 months Adriana has lost just under 100 pounds! She has been faced with a number of work and health related obstacles on her journey, but she has refused to give up and let that get in the way of her goals. Due to her initial starting weight I had to take a different approach to the training and nutrition side of things. We started off with a lot of basic movements and low intensity steady state cardio. I changed her old nutrition habits, replacing them with regular meals, minimising junk food and a reduction in the quantity of heavily processed carbohydrates consumed. It's amazing to see how she changed both physically and mentally, and how she found genuine enjoyment in the process of improving her health and overall body composition. 


Mihael Andlovic, Sweden

"I was searching for someone to take a look at my technique and to push me harder in the gym. I talked to some local trainers but couldn’t find the right one, then on Facebook I discovered that Mike specialises in 1 on 1 and online coaching. I got in contact with him and we planned a 7 day training camp at his studio, where we trained twice each day. We focused on each muscle group, particularly some of the areas I really struggle with. He is one of the best trainers out there that is focused on his clients. He explains every exercise well and how to do it in different ways. I have gained more knowledge from him and have pushed myself harder as a result. He is straight forward and really easy to get along with, I highly recommend him."



Aline Marangon, Brazil

Aline approached me through Facebook asking for advice on how to improve her physique and her overall health. The difficulty with her situation was that she was unable to access a gym, as there were none in the local area. After speaking back and fourth I put a nutrition programme in place for her to follow along with a training regime which could be performed using only her body weight and some of the most basic pieces of equipment. It wasn't easy. What made things more complicated was the language barrier!

She made rapid progress as soon as she implemented the programme and as her weight dropped, her ability to perform more complex exercises improved, which in turn lead to further progress. Amazing transformation Aline!

Craig Scales, UK

Huge thanks to Mike for the past 12 weeks for his time and effort to coach me. I have been provided with a weekly nutrition and training plan including cheat meals and rest days all particularly tailored to my somatotype, lifestyle and ability. Working with a professional in the fitness industry certainly has been a tremendous learning curve and of course I would without a doubt recommend Mike as a coach regardless of your current fitness ability and/or goal he will most definitely help you to excel. I have exceeded my target weight and now weigh 80kg. Looking forward to another strong 12 weeks. Feeling great!"

Craig has smashed the online coaching programme ever since he signed up over a year ago. He gradually gained weight since the start of the programme and has managed to reduce his body fat at the same time. Although he is currently studying at university, he manages to keep a steady balance of training, meal prep, studying and his social life at the same time. 

I'm definitely looking forward to what we progress we can make in the future.