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Due to regular requests for my personal macro calculator (as seen on YouTube), I have decided to release an application based on the original idea, available for all to use. 

Key features of the app:

- Ability to track your calorie intake and macro breakdown on a daily basis

- Access to a database of common foods which I consume, along with the ability to add your own custom foods to your profile

- Ability to create up to 10 separate meals on a daily basis 

- Access to view exactly what I'm eating on a daily basis - view my calorie intake, macro breakdown and meal timing. 

- Access to view my current training regime (in full detail - with tempo, reps, sets, rest period and video links)

- Ability to view and update content from your mobile (as long as you have internet access)

You have two options when it comes to signing up to the app. You can either sign up and pay on a monthly basis, or pay at a discounted price for 12 months access. You have the ability to cancel your subscription at any time.